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Admin Area

Our YetiShare admin area has been recently re-written from scratch. We've included all the features you'd need to manage a file upload script:

  • Dashboard overview of site:
    • Stats:
      • Total Active Files.
      • Total Space Used.
      • Total Downloads.
      • Total Active Users.
      • Total Paid Users.
      • Last 30 Days Payments.
    • Charts:
      • New Files (last 14 days).
      • New Files (last 12 months).
      • New Users (last 14 days).
      • File Status Pie.
      • File Type Pie.
      • User Status Pie.
  • New Admin area settings for 'Flow' theme. These changes are now kept between releases. Easily set:
    • Site logo.
    • Homepage background video/image.
    • Site skin.
    • Additional CSS code.
  • New Option in admin to block the same file from being re-uploaded. Optional on file remove and automatic after removal on abuse reports.
  • New Admin "impersonate user" option, so admin users can login as any other user account.
  • New Admin page for backing up the database and codebase. Functionality also built in preparation for automatic upgrades at a later date.
  • New Admin option to set blocked keywords within the filename on file uploads.
  • New Option to temporarily disable file uploads globally via the admin area, site settings. Uploads will still function for admin accounts.
  • New Option to temporarily disable file downloads globally via the admin area, site settings. Downloads will still function for admin accounts.
  • New Fast loading of the admin dashboard. Charts are loaded via ajax to improve access speeds to admin.
  • Account locking feature which, when enabled, locks the account details from being changed, users will not be able to edit, move or delete files whilst the account lock is enabled.
  • Ability to block file types from being uploaded.
  • Ability to ban files by extension (.exe;.jpg;.docx;.etc) and file md5 hash/filesize.
  • Delete button / option for themes & plugins.
  • Contains an comprehensive admin support page which will help with support requests.
  • Admins can set files to be restored from the pending deletion queue on the next task run (process_file_queue.cron.php).
  • Admins can now limit the hourly amount of emails sent by the 'send via email' form by user.
  • Support for theme settings and admin navigation items via theme config.
  • Responsive - Mobile, tablet and desktop versions added.
  • Manage Files. Search, filter by status, user, server. View stats, remove file with reason.
  • Active Downloads. View files currently being downloaded.
  • Manage Users. Search, filter by type and status. Over HD space used, last login and total files. Link to view files. Add/edit user.
  • File Servers. Add/edit file server. View files & HD space used on existing. Set as read only.
  • Plugins. Add & manage plugins. See our plugins page for more information on plugins available.
  • Configuration:
    • Site Settings.
      • Manage Adverts.
      • Security Settings.
      • Site Contact Information.
      • Premium Pricing.
      • PayPal Email Address.
      • Free/Paid Account Limits.
      • Enable Language Selector.
      • Other Settings.
    • Translations. Add new language. Screens to aid translation of site. Set which languages are active.
    • Banned IPs. Ban IP address from site or from uploading.
    • Server Info. View PHP information to aid with debugging.
    • Admin option to disable user registration.
    • Ability to limit the maximum files which can be downloaded for free user in a 24 hour period.
    • Storage limit options for free and paid users. Can be set on each user aswell.
    • Admin option to block paid account sharing. On login, it'll clear sessions for any other users logged in with the same account.
    • Maintenance mode. Disables front-end website with a message. Admin area access still available.
    • Admin option to adjust the time to keep files in /files/_deleted/. Set to 24 hours by default.
    • Admin option to set upload server for a specific user in admin, edit user. Useful for testing new file servers without disrupting other users.
    • HTML header and footer on emails. Enabled by default.
    • Admin option to set text direction when adding a new language for template (RTL or LTR).
    • Admin option to scan for new text translations.
    • Links to plugin settings in site settings.
  • Admin area log file viewer and log class for error handling.
  • Database browsing tool to aid debugging.
  • Payment page in admin area to search and browse received payments.
  • 'Add Payment' popup to manually log payments. Useful for manual upgrades, bank transfers, cash payments etc.
  • Set file as premium only via the admin area. Also restrict by other account levels, i.e. only registered users, moderator or admin users.
  • Edit file popup. Edit filename, owner, short url, access password, mime type and admin file notes.
  • Admin CLI script to sanity check file storage on main server and external file servers. Checks stored files exist as active entries in the database and removes files which shouldn't be there.
  • Admin area manage file action queue. View raw file deletes and moves. Cancel actions and trigger the cron script to process pending actions.

You can see the full admin area by going to our demo site.

Admin Area
Admin File Manage
Admin Manage Downloads
Admin Manage Users
Admin Site Settings
Admin Manage Users

> More Features

Multi-File Uploader

Upload multiple files at the same time. Pure HTML5 implementation with upload progress, so no reliance on Flash. Chunked uploads.

Responsive Design

Accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop. YetiShare automatically reformats depending on the users device.

Earn Money

Generate revenue by charging for premium account upgrades. Set different download speeds for free & paid users.

Admin Area

Feature rich admin area to manage users, files, file servers, site configuration and more. Even view downloads as they happen.

External File Servers

Use multiple external file servers to store the uploaded files. Any remote FTP server can be used as a file server.

File Manager

Our file manager is built to be fast, flexible and feature rich. It comes with full screen mode, folder view, quickview and more.

Drag & Drop Upload

User can drag & drop their files straight onto the uploader. Requires a supported browser such as Chrome.

Remote Upload

Upload files directly from external sites if you know the url. View percentage progress as the files are transferred.

RTL Support

Full support for RTL (Right To Left) languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Farsi. Includes the mobile and tablet versions.

Theme Framework

Easily add themes via the admin area of the script. Themes are in their own folder in the code so they're really easy to manage.

Social Network Sharing

Share files with popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Send via email or post straight to a forum.

XSendFile Support

Increase performance by using your webserver to download files rather than PHP. XSendFile in Apache, XAccelRedirect in NGINX.

Download Managers

Support for popular download managers which provide an http auth option. Support for pausing and resuming downloads.

File Statistics

Detailed statistics for each file. View downloads, referrals, countries, browsers & operating systems.

Plugin Architecture

Expand the file upload script using plugins. Add new payment gateways, a rewards program or a media streamer and more.

Translations Module

Translate the script into any ltr language which supports UTF-8 characters. Language switcher included with the site.

User Registration

User registration & members area. Users can create an account to manage their files. Includes folder management.

Maximise Storage

To save storage costs, YetiShare will not store duplicate upload. Only the first uploaded file is stored, duplicates are linked to.

DMCA Reports

Take the hassle out of DMCA removal requests. We provide the tools to capture all the information on the initial submission.

100% Source Code

None of the code is encoded. You have all to all the source code so you can make any changes to the script as you need to.

AdBlocker Detection

The AdBlock Detection feature allows you to restrict access on their file sharing site if a user has AdBlock enabled.


IP blacklisting. File type blacklisting. Spam protection. Externally tested for XSS and SQL injection attacks.

High Performance

Built for high traffic websites. Small javascript files, use of ajax where possible, no unnecessary database queries.

Regular Updates

Unlike other file hosting scripts, development is extremely proactive. We run an RFCs list in the forum for feature suggestions.

Fully Supported

Updates are included for 1 year within any purchase. Email support for 1 year. Lifetime access to the forum.