Yetishare Plugin giveaway

Affiliate Program

Earn up to 30% commission by reselling Yetishare on your own website. Each time you refer a sale to us, you'll be rewarded with a percentage of that sale. See the How To Get Started section below to get going!

Commission Levels:

Sales Item Commission Amount
Yetishare Script 30%
Yetishare Plugins 30%
Install Fees 10%


If you refer a customer to our site and they purchase $599 package, the commission you earn would be $179.70 USD. After 2 months, once you have a minimum of 2 different referrals, you can request payment.


What is the minimum payment amount?

The minimum payout amount is $75 USD. Once your cleared commission reaches this level (subject to the other terms), you can request a withdrawal.

Are there any other minimum requirements?

Before your first commission payment, you must have a minimum of 2 sales from different users.

Is there a maximum commission I can earn?

There is no maximum amount of commission you can earn.

What payment methods do you support for commission?

Currently all commission payments are made using PayPal. We may introduce Bitcoin at a later stage.

Is there a clearing period for payments?

There is a 60 day clearing period before commission becomes available. You'll be able to track the pending commission via your account though as soon as a sale is made.

Which day of the month are commission payments made?

All cleared payments are made on the 15th of every month.

Can I see click-through stats?

Yes. We log the date/time, country, referrer and status of all clicks. You can view these within your account.

Where can I read the affiliate terms & conditions?

How To Get Started:

Simply login to your account and head over to the affiliates section for the copy & paste banner code. If you haven't already got an account, drop us an email and we'll get you started.

Terms & Conditions: