Yetishare Plugin giveaway

Yetishare Language Packs

We have a variety of language packs available to download FREE for the Yetishare script. You can download these then import these into your site via the admin area.

Note: The language packs were created automatically using Google translate and as such some of the translations may not be accurate. We are constantly improving the translated content so if you have any corrections, let us know and we'll update the files. You must be logged into your account to download the packs below.


Language Min Version
Bengali v5.5.2 Download
Chinese v5.5.2 Download
German v5.5.2 Download
Spanish v5.5.2 Download
French v5.5.2 Download
Hindi v5.5.2 Download
Italian v5.5.2 Download
Japanese v5.5.2 Download
Dutch v5.5.2 Download
Polish v5.5.2 Download
Portuguese v5.5.2 Download
Russian v5.5.2 Download
Arabic v5.5.2 Download

How To Install:

  • Download the language pack from
  • Go to [YOUR SITE]/admin/translation_manage.php.
  • Add a new language entry matching the one you just downloaded. Set the name, flag and other information manually.
  • Select "Import Translations" and import the language pack.
  • Configure the languages to your preference.