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Additional Pricing

We offer custom development to the Yetishare code, custom plugins, script installation, server installation, template changes and more. Our pricing is detailed below.

Custom Development Work

If you have specific changes you'd like done to the Yetishare code we can help!

Addtional pricing

Development Work:

  • For any coding changes or tweaks to the existing Yetishare script.
  • Built using the plugin architecture, where possible, so it's easier to upgrade on future releases.
  • Quote based on the hourly rate below but we always provide a fixed price for the work. No nasty bills at the end!
  • 30% deposit required to schedule in the work. The rest is due on completion.
  • Lead time to start work is normally around 7-10 days.
Cost $40.00 per hour


Need help installing and configuring your servers for Yetishare? Let us do the work for you. See below for a full list of installation options. For additional information or to order feel free to contact us.

Addtional pricing

Core Script Installation:

  • Installation of the Yetishare core script.
  • Assumes you have your server setup and configured with PHP, MySQL etc.
  • Free installation of any additional plugins you purchase, excluding the ones listed on this page, below.
  • 24 hour turnaround time, although normally done quicker.
Cost $39.00
Addtional pricing

Complete Server Setup:

  • Linux Ubuntu 64bit OS recommended.
  • Root server access needed.
  • Includes:
    • Nginx
    • PHP-FPM
    • MySQL
    • PHP CLI (for cron tasks)
    • Curl
    • PHP Modules, GD, Freetype, OpenSSL
  • Complete configuration of your server to best perform with Yetishare. * DNS configuration and mail server not included.
Cost $120.00 USD
Addtional pricing

Plugin Installation: (cost per server)

  • FTP Upload:
    • Installation and configuration of ProFTPD.
    • Cost: $39.00 USD

  • Media Converter:
    • Installation of ffmpeg and all codecs.
    • Cost: $39.00 USD

  • File Leech:
    • Installation of Plowshare.
    • Cost: $39.00 USD

  • Torrent Download:
    • Installation of uTorrent.
    • Cost: $39.00 USD

  • Archive Manager:
    • Installation of zip, unzip, rar.
    • Cost: $39.00 USD
Contact Us

For additional information or to order feel free to contact us.