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Media Converter Plugin

Our media converter plugin enables you to convert and resize your uploaded videos into html5 friendly mp4s. Flv is also supported for an alternative format. In order to use this plugin you must have FFMPEG enabled on your server. If you want to make the mp4s are streamable, ensure you also have qt-faststart (sometimes part of FFMPEG install). Click on any of the image thumbnails to see screenshots of the plugin.

Converter Settings
Server Settings
Manual Converter Settings

Admin Area Changes:

  • Settings:
    • Added option to keep the originally uploaded file. Converted file will be stored as a new file and linked to the original.
    • The file types to convert, i.e. avi, 3gp, ogg, mpg, mpeg, mov, mj2, flv, wmv, webm.
    • The output format, mp4 or flv.
    • The maximum concurrent conversions. Use this to limit to total conversions running at once to protectyour CPU from overuse.
    • The size to resize videos to. Proportions are contrained so images are not stretched on resize.
    • Add video watermark:
      • Watermark PNG Image.
      • Watermark position.
      • Watermark padding.
    • Framerate option to convert.php to speed up conversions. Default set to 30fps.
    • If running the conversions on another server you will need to set SSH details so the converter can access the uploaded files.
    • Details on how to setup the converter as a cron job included.
  • New Option within the plugin settings to capture only video screenshots.
  • New Option to manually schedule 1 or more videos to be converted. Form on the bottom of the queue listing page. Optionally choose to capture only the screenshot or convert the video.
  • Better support for iPhone & iPad by converting to mp4. In addition there's no reliance of third party players.
  • Detailed guidelines on how to install ffmpeg with
  • View current converter queue stats and queue items via converter plugin page.
  • Cancel or redo a conversion via admin area.
  • Automatically fail any conversions which have been in processing status for more than 1 day.
  • Cancellation of any pending conversions if file deleted.
  • Centralised storage of screenshots in global site cache.
  • Auto removal of any cache (screenshots) on deletion of media.

PHP Conversion Script:

  • The converter is built to be independant of the main file upload script code so you can move it onto it's own server. Just copy the converter file onto another server, set your database access details and you're ready.
  • The converter script is also extremely scalable, just set it up on additional servers to enable more conversions to run.
  • Support for video conversion to webm.
  • Note: You will need FFMPEG with qt-faststart installed in order to use this plugin. Please ensure you have it working before purchasing.
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This modification is recommended for file hosting websites with a large amount of traffic in order to gain maximum performance.

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