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FAQ - Post-Sales

See below for common post-sales questions. Go to FAQ - pre sales if you've not yet purchased the file sharing script.

I've lost or forgotten the admin area password, how can I reset it?

Login to your hosting control panel and load your database via phpMyAdmin.

Browse the table named 'users' and find the row with username 'admin'.

The current password is set within the 'password' column but it's encoded in MD5 format. To create, go to this site:

Enter a new password and click 'Encode String'. Copy the new MD5 hash into your 'password' column and click 'Save'.

You should now be able to login to the admin area using the new password.

Where I can edit the contents of the emails?

Email contents can be amended within the translations part of the admin area. Search for 'email' and you'll see them listed.